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“They seem to be playing not just the song, but off of each other. The lyrics are raw, blunt and esoteric all at the same time. The instrumentation seems like an expression of the lyrics, and the lyrics feel like spoken word that would flow out regardless of the music underneath; two voices speaking in harmony instead of unison. I don’t know what it is about the children of preachers writing songs, but they all seem to have this distance, this worldliness, this fear of knowing so little about this world but too much about the next.” Nine Bullets

“A concert involving Holy Ghost Electric Show also serves as a social experiment in cognitive dissonance. As lead singer Cody Rogers stands adorned with cowboy hat and acoustic guitar and his brother Jake to his left strumming on a banjo, the brain has an idea of what type of music to expect. As live songs pick up the influences of the rest of the band, it goes more from sounding like Woody Guthrie to more like Godspeed You! Black Emperor.” – The Clarion-Ledger

“Finding a comparison might take you all week . They convey a sound that is equal parts New Orleans street fair, Mississippi blues-infused, hill–stomp party-rock, a bit of Woody Guthrie meets Husker Du folk-noise-pop, with plenty of sad.” – No Depression

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About The Holy Ghost Electric Show

Oxford is in northeast Mississippi. It is not in the famed Delta nor is it on the redneck riviera of the gulf coast. It is nestled in the hills that will become the mountains. It is of the land Mississippi Fred McDowell and the Hill Country bluesmen R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough sprouted roots. It is the big bright buckle of America’s Bible Belt, the hooded figure of history’s fears, and it is the home of Holy Ghost Electric Show.

Depending on what you would imagine the sons of preachers playing rock music in Mississippi would sound like, HGES sounds exactly what you imagine…or nothing like it. Brothers Cody (songwriter, lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Jake Rogers (guitar and banjo), Will Shirley (guitar), Connor Wroten (bass), Austin Wheeler (drums) started in a abandoned cabin developing their sound and live show until it echoed similar fire and intensity of bygone Pentecostal tent revivals. Guitars are being traded…trombones marched through crowds…drum sets crashed…everyone is screaming…it’s rock and roll and it’s hot and it’s sweaty and it’s the Electric Show, to which audiences from all over the Magnolia State will testify. Invoking southern gothic imagery and folktale fever dreams in their lyrics and sound they have created a weird America all their own.

Signed to southern indie label This Is American Music, they are fresh out of the studio with a new batch of songs recorded with Simone Felice (The Felice Brothers, The Duke and The King) in Woodstock, NY.

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